All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom (Photo)

Pharell/N.E.R.D. music video shoot

Lot's of lights, C-stands, and flags among other equipment not touched.
Follow the signs.
That lead to a sketchy open bar in the janitor's closet.
Sign paper work that state taking(and definitely posting) photos like these is illegal...I think it said that anyway. I better get a check in the mail.
Free booze behind the scenes.
I was told to take a photo of this guy because he apparently looks like JP.  It's hard to tell from the photo.

They made Richard get topless under his cardigan.

Thumbs up?
The man behind the ass shots and the coffee cups of Captain Morgan.
Black Male Dave getting rowdy yet again.  Let's see how he does at Zared's shoe release party tomorrow night.
Hey, it's Taji!

Crowd participation.
Some dudes.
Monitor behind the scenes.  I was holding it down with the crew. Very nice people indeed.

Man of the hour "moshing."

Self explanatory. Goodnight.